Power Colors | Black & Red Prayer Bracelet Featured

Red Prayer Bracelet

We all have heard the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” and even though no one should be doing that, first impressions are everything.  That’s why 33Knots has teamed up for another photo shoot with photographer, Brian Dexter, to bring you a guide of making a lasting impression with your clothes.  First hint is if your wardrobe is unappealing, chances are you’ll be overlooked, even if you have a charming personality. 

Being the Trendsetter | Pink and Orange Prayer Bracelet Featured

SavySpice Feature Chubbies Shorts 1_1 July2012

In fashion it’s all about taking risks.  No one simply wants to follow the trends; they want to be the trendsetter.  Now, if you want to be the trendsetter, there’s only two things you should know.  Study upcoming trends making them your own and take risks by being bold.  To take risks and to be bold in fashion is mixing leopard and zebra print together – for an example – and making it work. 

The Neutrals | Silver Prayer Bracelet Featured

Silver Prayer Bracelet 33Knots

The Silver Prayer Bracelet

Every fashion enthusiast longs to have a closet complete with compatible clothing to create the best wardrobe possible.  If you’re on a budget, it’s vital that you have articles of clothing that can create more than one outfit.   And if you don’t have a personal shopper on your payroll, knowing what to buy and how to buy can make achieving that desired closet almost impossible.  But before you shred your wardrobe to start your desired closet over, don’t give up!  Here at 33knots we’re bringing you an exclusive photo shoot/fashion guide by the talented photographer, Brian Dexter.  It’s our gift to you!

A Farmers Market Excursion | Black Knotted Cross Necklace

Black Orthodox Knotted Cross Necklace3

I’m a big advocate for eating local and I often visit the farmers market to support local farmers and to eat the delicious food I find there. But I absolutely don’t think that a day at the farmers market means that you have to dress like a bum. Actually…there is no occasion I can think of that would require you to dress like bum! Knowing that I wanted some fresh fruits and veggies in my life, I started building a casual cute outfit to fit the mood of the day.

Warm Clothes, Cooler Colors | Black Komboskini Featured

Black Prayer Bracelet Featured on SeamsForADesire 1

Black Komboskini Feature

Summer is dwindling down as we near the end of September.  Summer lovers are saying their goodbyes to the swimwear and flip flops.  They’re kissing their frilly floral tank tops one last time before they swap them out for burly jackets and knit sweaters.  This is the usual process of summer ending, but if you live in an area where summer is year round, well, some just might call you fortunate.  However, just because summer is your season for three-hundred and sixty-five days, it doesn’t mean you can slack on the fashion trends of autumn and winter!

Skinny Jean Craze | Purple 33Knots Bracelet Featured

Purple Prayer Bracelet GlossyWardrobe Feature 2_2aug2012

Here at 33Knots, we’re always looking for features of our prayer bracelets and prayer necklaces.  It’s not only appreciated advertisement; it also helps spread the story of how our products came to be.  For information visit: http://www.prayer-bracelet.com/.  Recently, We so happened to be delivered a feature on one of our items on Glossy Wardrobe – a fashion blog.  Big thanks to Talita, an avid blogster, for featuring our lavender prayer bracelet pictured above.  But let’s talk fashion, shall we?

Reinventing Style | Black 100 Knot Prayer Rope

33Knots Black Knotted Rosary with Dividers

The 100 Knot Prayer Rope

Autumn is approaching fast – right around the corner actually – and this time it’s not all about skinny jeans, knee high boots and long sweaters!  Save that for winter!  This autumn it’s about embarking on a new trend that infuses pretty much every season into one.  Sounds messy, but remember there are no rules in fashion, you – the people – create it.  And just for you, 33knots has done an exclusive photo shoot with the wonderful and talented photographer, Brian Dexter, to deliver a small fashion guide.  Take a look; we here at 33knots know you will not be disappointed but nothing less of inspired.