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Knits And Knots | The Black Knotted Rosary

Black Knotted Rosary Feature SeamsForADesire

The Black Knotted Rosary Featured

Another wonderful outfit post by Jessie Chanes from fashion blog Seams For A Desire. And in this photo set Jessie features our black knotted rosary necklace.

You might be looking at the photos and thinking, “Hey where is that rosary?”. Here is the cool part, Jessie wears it as a multi wrap bracelet. Doesn’t it look great. If you think that is strange, well actually it is not if we look at the original purpose of the knotted rosary, better known as a prayer rope. People often wrap these around the wrist and run the 100 knots through their fingers and recite a prayer for each knot that passes. But you probably already knew that, right?

Now lets take a look at the outfit, my oh my what a great combination this is. A cool knitted sweater over a white long T-shirt. Just perfect for those mildly colder summer nights. Who said an outfit should be complicated.. sometimes keeping it simple is more than enough to make the outfit work.

Check those suede sandals, combined with a suede bolso bag. A good choice!

PS. if you would like to see the original post on the Seams For a Desire Fashion Blog, click here.

black 100knot prayer rope necklace

Lets look at this close up, the black knotted rosary necklace (prayer rope) worn as a multi wrap bracelet, fits perfectly.

Black Prayer Necklace featured by Seams for a Desire

Black Prayer Necklace featured by Seams for a Desire

Knotted Rosary

black prayer rope

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  • lori


    Love your sweater. Where did you get it.


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