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The New Blog

First let me start by saying we are happy to be at this point and are pretty excited to kickoff this new 33Knots blog. This blog is going to be about Fashion Accessories, Spiritualism and giving back in life. Why giving back? Well that is the nature of our company and is also one of the reasons of our success.

Our fashion related post are going to feature our products but also products of other brands, celebrities wearing accessories and fashion trends. Just to be clear here, we won’t be accepting any compensation for featuring other brands or products.

The spiritualism part of our blog is more going to be in the nature of think good get good. If you think positive anything is possible in life, we are true believers in the power of positive thinking. And we wan’t to share that with you.

Another part of thinking positive is doing good. Which is also going to be a big part of this blog, we are going to feature several charities, but also follow several projects that the “Pimp My Village” foundation is working on. For the doing good part we are also going to accept posts of “Guest” posters.

Well enough for now, stay tuned for some great posts.

Feel free to drop by any time, and if you wan’t to stay on top of things subscribe to our rss feed.


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