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Reinventing Style | Black 100 Knot Prayer Rope

33Knots Black Knotted Rosary with Dividers

The 100 Knot Prayer Rope

Autumn is approaching fast – right around the corner actually – and this time it’s not all about skinny jeans, knee high boots and long sweaters!  Save that for winter!  This autumn it’s about embarking on a new trend that infuses pretty much every season into one.  Sounds messy, but remember there are no rules in fashion, you – the people – create it.  And just for you, 33knots has done an exclusive photo shoot with the wonderful and talented photographer, Brian Dexter, to deliver a small fashion guide.  Take a look; we here at 33knots know you will not be disappointed but nothing less of inspired.

Knits And Knots | The Black Knotted Rosary

Black Knotted Rosary Feature SeamsForADesire

The Black Knotted Rosary Featured

Another wonderful outfit post by Jessie Chanes from fashion blog Seams For A Desire. And in this photo set Jessie features our black knotted rosary necklace.

You might be looking at the photos and thinking, “Hey where is that rosary?”. Here is the cool part, Jessie wears it as a multi wrap bracelet.