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Warm Clothes, Cooler Colors | Black Komboskini Featured

Black Prayer Bracelet Featured on SeamsForADesire 1

Black Komboskini Feature

Summer is dwindling down as we near the end of September.  Summer lovers are saying their goodbyes to the swimwear and flip flops.  They’re kissing their frilly floral tank tops one last time before they swap them out for burly jackets and knit sweaters.  This is the usual process of summer ending, but if you live in an area where summer is year round, well, some just might call you fortunate.  However, just because summer is your season for three-hundred and sixty-five days, it doesn’t mean you can slack on the fashion trends of autumn and winter!

Knits And Knots | The Black Knotted Rosary

Black Knotted Rosary Feature SeamsForADesire

The Black Knotted Rosary Featured

Another wonderful outfit post by Jessie Chanes from fashion blog Seams For A Desire. And in this photo set Jessie features our black knotted rosary necklace.

You might be looking at the photos and thinking, “Hey where is that rosary?”. Here is the cool part, Jessie wears it as a multi wrap bracelet.